Brian Wilson is now a Dodger!

The rumors are true. Brian Wilson is now on the Los Angeles Dodgers and this is a good thing. Yes, Wilson hasn’t been dominant since 2010, when his K/9 rate was at a career high of 11.21. Also, since 2009, there has been a gradual decline in his fastball velocity. Currently, there are reports that his four-seam FB is sitting around 90-93 mph. Tie that in with the fact that this is his first year back from Tommy John surgery and you’re looking at a really crappy Colletti-esque deal.

I’m going to go out on a limb and praise Colletti on this deal. With a day and a half before August, the season is going to go into high gear and right now, the Dodgers are working with a bullpen that includes League, Marmol, and Bellisario. Let’s be clear, League isn’t hot and he never will be. Pitcher wins mean dirt and his current 0.00 ERA over his last three wins means just as much. Marmol was bad on the Cubs and is now bad on the Dodgers. And although I have a soft spot in my heart for Bellisario, I still have to hold my breath when he’s on the mound because he’s just so damn inconsistent. So that leaves the Dodgers with four decent relievers – Howell, Jansen, Withrow, and Rodriguez – and given how effective those four have been over the season, having any of them go down before October would be devastating. It remains to be seen if Wilson can pitch effectively, and if he can, it remains to be seen if he can last the rest of the season. Despite that, Wilson brings valuable playoff experience, should the Dodgers win the division. There’s still a whole month of baseball before the Dodgers can expand the roster and until then, they will need the relief help. If Wilson can be effective and pitch well enough for the rest of the season, then this is a great deal. If Wilson throws junk when he gets to the mound, then they can send Wilson down and use the help of Dominguez. Either way, this was a smart deal that cost the Dodgers little in terms of risk and money ($1 million for the rest of the season.)

Let’s not bash Colletti yet. We still haven’t seen the end-of-year, multi-million dollar/100 years deal he has waiting for Wilson.


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