Dodgers acquired who? From where?

Behind Opening Day, yesterday was the second greatest day during the baseball season: the trade deadline. For eight years straight, Colletti has made a deal, for better or for worse, on the last day of non-waiver trading. Last year, the Dodgers brought in Brandon League and Hanley Ramirez before the trade deadline. This year the Dodgers have acquired Drew Butera from the Minnesota Twins. Wait, who?

Butera was drafted by the Mets in 2005. He spent the next four years playing minor league ball posting an amazing .220/.293/.323. That’s bad on a whole different level. Since coming up to the show in 2010, his stat line is even more atrocious: .141/.244/.285. Comparing the two, it’s safe to say the guy hasn’t really found his way. And since 2010, he’s consistently posted a negative WAR. 

I’m trying to understand the reasoning behind such a bad signing and I can’t. With Federowicz and Ellis calling the game behind the plate, a third catcher seems excessive. Even if Colletti felt that the team absolutely needed an extra catcher, Butera is really bad. Let’s keep in mind that with Butera on the Dodgers, he is taking the last spot on the 40-man roster once the season gets to September. I want to hold out hope that Butera is a pawn in a larger move, but this trade just smells of Colletti doing Colletti things. I mean, after all, this is the same GM that signed Juan Pierre for 5yrs/$44 million, Jason Schmidt for 3yrs/$47 million, and Andruw Jones for 2yrs/$36.2 million – but then released him in 2009, forcing the Dodgers to eat $15 million of his contract.

There’s still a chance for Colletti to redeem himself. The giant blockbuster deal that brought Gonzalez and company from Boston took place after the trade deadline. With the Chase Utley and Cliff Lee rumors still flying around, don’t be too surprised if we see a big move in the next few weeks.


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