Can’t win them all

Before we jump on the “Ramirez needs to be DFA’d, bring up Gordon” train, and before we kill the horse named “Brandon League is shit” let’s take a second to look at this loss objectively.

Hanley Ramirez definitely goofed two routine grounders that would have taken the game into extra innings. However, it is impossible to say that the Dodgers would have won the game in extra innings considering that they scored only two runs on eight hits. Effective pitching and weak bats were definitely doing them in. Another thing to remember is that weird shit just happens in baseball. Remember when a usually solid Tampa Bay defense gave the boys in blue a 7-6 win (let me remind you that the Dodgers had absolutely no business winning that game.) Once in a while, defensive miscues give the opposing offense a chance to win. It happens for and against the Dodgers. 

You better save this post because I’m about to defend Brandon League. He did his job. He allowed only one hit and got two grounders. Those three plays should have resulted in three outs. Unfortunately for League and the Dodgers, the baseball gods requested that the hottest team in basbeball taste defeat. (Disclaimer: Steve Lyons is not a baseball god. He’s not even baseball. And this tweet is just so fucking absurd, it hurts to try to rationalize it. You’d think almost thirty years without a World Series berth would make an organization hungry.) To say that this is somehow League’s fault is unfair (Gasp!) and inaccurate. Also, to call for him to be DFA’d would be ridiculous considering he has two years and 15 million left on his contract.

Aside from trying to place blame, always remember that teams do lose. If you’re reading this, I’m going to assume that you place some stock in objective, statistical analysis. The fact that the Dodgers went 41-9 in their last fifty games is a fluke. Yes the Dodgers are a skilled team, but if they replayed those same fifty games, they would not have won 41. They most likely would have had a winning record, but would have recorded more than nine losses. Losing is bound to happen, try not to get too drunk on a winning streak to forget that.


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