Dodgers sign Edinson LOLQuez!

Yesterday, the Dodgers signed Edinson Volquez for the remainder of the season. According to Eric Stephens and other sources, the San Diego Padres will be responsible for the bulk of Volquez’s contract while the Dodgers get stuck with paying a prorated minimum of $85,683. For such a measly price it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but one question remains: whose getting bumped from the mound for Volquez?

The obvious answer seems to be Capuano. Capuano has been terrible over his last five starts and the Dodgers seem to have grown impatient. So… their solution to the problem is Volquez? If it is, Dodgers, then no. Just no. While Capuano has posted an atrocious 4.74 ERA, his FIP and xFIP are above average at 3.65 and 3.79, respectively. And while his K/9 rate has dropped from last season, he’s also walking less batters as well. With that said, Capuano’s only provided 0.8 WAR, which is a drop from the 2.2 WAR he gave the Dodgers last season. So while he hasn’t been great, he hasn’t terrible as I’ve lamented.

On the other hand, Edinson Volquez has been absolutely terrible since entering the majors. In fact, the only good season he had was back in 2008 when he was… an.. All-star? Yeah, that was a weird year for him. With the exception of 2008, every year in the Bigs, Volquez has posted an ERA over 4.0. Even more surprising, prior to being let go by the Padres, Volquez decided to take a giant shit and post a 6.01 ERA. Now I know in an earlier post I stated how I don’t put too much stock in ERA. I still don’t. But when it’s absurdly high, it’s hard not to talk about a pitcher with a 6.01 ERA and laugh at how bad it is. Aside from his shitty ERA, the Dodgers also get to look forward to shining his shit FIP and xFIP, 4.20 and 4.23 respectively.

So even if your opinion of Capuano is low and you think he’s bad, you’re about to see worse in Volquez. Even though the Dodgers are only paying $85,000 grand for him, the problem doesn’t lie in the monetary amount, but in the damage that can be inflicted from such a terrible pitcher. If he is to take Capuano’s spot after Sunday’s game, then that gives him five starts until the end of the season. Call me a bitchy Bertha, but I don’t expect Volquez to do well at all. With only a 9.5 game lead over the D’backs and a September that features mostly the NL West slapping each other around, I’d put my money on Capuano.


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