Juan Uribe: THE KING!

(Courtesy of Los Angeles Dodgers)

The King. Juan Uribe. Talk about a turnaround season. After languishing on the bench last season, Juan Uribe (from here on out, He will be referred to as The King) has been a consistent contributor to the red-hot Dodgers offense. Let’s take a look at last season and how he has improved.

Last year, The King finished the season hitting .191/.258/.284. His god awful wOBA was .245 and he provided .2 WAR. Last season, The King carried 53 wRC+, meaning that his runs created was 47% worse than the average player. I don’t think tumblr has enough bandwidth that would allow a blog to describe how off The King was last year. Fast forward to 2013 and The King is being very kingly. He is batting .276/.332/.431. His wOBA is .328 and he’s providing 3.7 WAR. Talk about improvement! The biggest improvement, however, is in his 112 wRC+. 2013 Juan Uribe is 59% better than 2012 Juan Uribe. 

Source: FanGraphsJuan Uribe

If you take a look at the course of his career, that’s been the case for The King. He’ll be bad for several seasons and then have a spark right around the end of his contract. In 2001, he signed with the Rockies (#FuckCoorsField) and then sucked in 2002, only to surge in 2003. In 2004, he signed with the White Sox , and then stunk up Chicago until 2008. But, The King was on the White Sox when they won the AL Central and the Giants were in need of some infielders. Enter, The King. Uribe would have a resurgence in 2009, slump in 2010, but still go on to earn a World Series ring with the Giants. Luckily for The King, the Dodgers had just lost Casey Blake and were in desperate need for a third baseman. The King came to Los Angeles and was atrocious his first two years. And like all other years, he’s destroying logic by being good in the final year of his contract. Now, I’m not suggesting that The King is purposefully sucking it up only to do well in the final years of his contracts, but it does seem strange. You’ll read it hear first. Ned Colletti probably has the biggest boner for Uribe right now. Expect a $5 million / 1 year contract if there isn’t a decent third baseman on the free agent market, or if Colletti decides to show Michael Young his massive boner.


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