Game 3: Dodgers vs. Giants

Ricky Nolasco will hopefully lead the Dodgers to victory with yet another superb outing. The Dodgers lost last night 2-4, with the only runs coming off a two-run dinger from The King, Juan Uribe. If there was ever a time to earn a contract extension, I guess it’s now. I’m not too bummed over last night’s loss. Kershaw wasn’t as dominant, as he gave up 8 hits. However he did have 6Ks and no walks. Also, take into consideration that he gave up only three runs over seven innings. The game was lost thanks to a less than stellar lineup, weak offense, and a solid Madison Bumgarner. Not because of Kershaw.

Ethier left last night’s game after hitting a double in the bottom of the 8th. Apparently, he aggravated a sprained ankle. “But wait… When did he sprain his ankle?” is what you’re probably asking. He sprained it in Colorado, of all places. Fuck you Coors Field, you’re a fucking hellmouth. The injuries are really starting to concern me and other Dodgers fans. September is coming to a close and the biggest kick in the gooch would be if the injuries hamper the Dodgers during the playoffs.

Game time tonight is at 6:10 and on Primeticket.

Just a side note, I know I’ve been saying to expect certain posts soon. If you’ve been looking forward to those posts, I apologize. Work has been nuts lately, but I promise tonight you’ll see some more analysis, and hopefully a new podcast will be up.


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