In the name of The Uribe, The HanRam, and The Holy Puigsus. Amen!

This is the best time to have started a Dodgers influenced blog and podcast. I guess you can say I’m a scheming opportunist, but would you have started a blog or podcast while your favorite team was losing? Probably not. Anyways, that’s not important. What is important is that the Dodgers brought out the big guns to clinch the series and the big guns just fucking wrecked Arizona. Last night’s rout was the beginning of the end for the D’backs. Today was the gut-punch that came via two dingers from Hanley Ramirez and a solo blast from AJ Ellis. And having Vin Scully call the game just made the experience even more beautiful than what it was.

Here’s the sweet croon of Mr. Vin Scully calling Hanley’s first homer. 

And here is Hanley crushing a solo homerun:

Hanley would go 4-5 while bringing in four of the dodgers seven runs. He is arguably the Dodgers MVP and where Kemp left a large void in the offense when he went down in the season, Hanley carried this team on his shoulders, filling the void.

However, this win was a team effort. After Nolasco fell apart in the 5th, the Hanley Ramirez show would turn into the Ramirez Van Slyke extravaganza. Scott Van Stache. Scott Van Smash. Scott Van “Hit a Double and Fuck Your Lead” Slyke. Van Slyke’s double would bring the Dodgers within 1 run of Arizona. Hanley’s second homer would tie the game. And then AJ Ellis’s solo blast would be the only run the Dodgers would need to clinch the NL West and the Dodgers first playoff berth since 2009.

While the bats would bring the Dodgers the lead, it was effective relief pitching that would keep the Diamondbacks at bay. League, Howell, Wilson, and Jansen would pitch 4 shutout innings. And the rest would be history.

This season has been a roller coaster. Prior to June 22, no one considered the Dodgers potential NL West champions, much less playoff contenders. But the Boys in Blue have extended their season and their historic run. Some one tell the rest of baseball that the Dodgers are coming!


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