Kemp Homered! My God! Kemp Homered!

Since the Dodgers have clinched the NL West, the games have been meaningless, to say the least. Between moving, work, and uninteresting games, I haven’t had time to blog nor has there been much to talk about. We discussed “Poolgate” in the most recent recording (which will be up soon, I promise), but that’s such a ridiculous non-issue, that I refuse to talk about it and any potential controversy around it. You can read it somewhere else. Instead we’re going to talk about the babe of a game today.

Hyun-Jin Ryu has been un-freaking-believable. After discussing who will get a spot in the rotation – Ryu or Nolasco – both Aaron and I put our money on Nolasco. Unfortunately, the wheels on the Nolasco bus have fallen off. In his last two starts, Nolasco has pitched 6.1 innings, has given up 16 hits and 13 runs. While only striking out five in his last two starts. I’m willing to chalk up his start on September 14th against San Francisco to just outright randomness. The Giants were hitting the crap out of the ball no matter who was on the mound. However, his start in Arizona is concerning. Ricky Nolasco had pitched five innings shutout innings, only to lose it in the fifth and give up six runs. Had it not been for the HanRam and AJ Ellis, the Dodgers would have had to try to clinch in San Diego.

Hyun-Jin Ryu, on the other hand, has pitched 32.1 innings in his last five starts. However, he has allowed 29 hits despite having 24 Ks. Ryu’s biggest problem seems to be the number of hits he allows in a game. The ever dismal NL West will not capitalize on those opportunites, the beastly teams that the Dodgers will face in the playoffs definitely turns those hits into runs and those runs into wins. The Dodgers have scored only 7 runs since clinching the NL West (their last four games.) If the Dodgers wish to advance in the playoffs, they have to arouse their impotent offense.

But enough about the pitching, Puig has been crushing baseballs. I mean, he just loves dead center field.

But Puig wasn’t the only one with a magical dinger. Kemp hit a home run that was sweet, savory, and delicious. Since coming back, Kemp is 8-25 (.320 BA), if he keeps hitting the way he has been, with contact and power, then perhaps this offense will be back in shape come October 3rd.


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