Dodgers will face the Cardinals in St. Louis on Friday

You know what I couldn’t stand about the Braves, besides Evan Gattis and Brian McCann looking like they could star in a really bad sitcom, that dumb Tomahawk chant. But the Braves are history. They’re done, much like the Pirates thanks to the Cardinals being royal douchebags and not being sympathetic to the Bucs cause. So here’s to everyone rooting for the Dodgers, because no one likes jerks and we all want to see the Dodgers beat some no good jerks.

According to reports, Andre Ethier is looking pretty good and he might get the start in center field on Friday. Sorry Skip, but you’re batting .204/.246/.241 for all of September and through the playoffs. And Jerry Hairston, Jr. you’re hitting .069/.069/.069 in that same time span. Unfortunately, you’re no so hot this season, hitting only .211/.265/.275… and well…

The roster for the NLCS will most likely be announced early on Friday and we should have a lineup shortly after. Expect Ethier to not only be on the roster but in the lineup. This is it Dodger fans, crunch time.


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