Jon Jay: Dodgers MVP!

Seven more wins and the Dodgers will have their first championship in 25 years! Three more wins and the Dodgers will be in their first World Series in 25 years!

After getting blanked in St. Louis, the Dodgers, led by Hyun-Jin Ryu, shutout the Cardinals. Ryu pitched seven innings and gave up only three hits! This outing is quite a relief from his previous outing when he pitched only three innings and gave up four runs on six hits.

Of course, none of this could have been possible without the help of Jon Jay looking like a buffoon in the outfield. So far, in the postseason, Jay is posting a -7.3 UZR, which, needless to say, is a boon for the Dodgers.

Oh, and someone needs to tell Yasiel Puig to keep pimping the shit out of his hits:

The Dodgers are back in this. Though one question remains: Does Nolasco get the start? My guess is no. I’m willing to bet that Greinke will get the start tomorrow and if the Dodgers win, you will see Nolasco pitch in Game 5 and Kershaw in Game 6. If the Dodgers lose tomorrow, Kershaw will start Game 5. 


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