Dodgers vs Cardinals: Game 4 of the NLCS

All signs point to Nolasco getting the start tonight. Whether it’s the lights out Nolasco we saw against the Cubs and Red Sox earlier in the season or the disastrous mess we witnessed against San Francisco and Arizona remains to be seen. 

Going into last night’s game, I was anxious. I was nervous for the Dodgers and for Hyun-Jin Ryu. I was nervous about the offense not showing up. When it was announced that Hanley Ramirez AND Andre Ethier were starting, I was concerned for their safety and long-term health. But something happened. Ryu pitched brilliantly, Ramirez and Ethier are now etched in Dodgers lore. And I’d like to think it’s because of the unsung hero of last night’s game. #ManBear

I don’t want to know what last night’s game would have been like without him. Will we ever know who this masked crusader is? Probably not. Is this the last we see of #ManBear (or #RallyBear, maybe #ManBearPuig?) No. The Dodgers don’t have a need for a mascot. But the mainstays that the postseason tends to bring are weird – rally monkey, anyone? – and if this is one thing that comes around during an extended Dodgers season, I’ll be okay with it. He’s the hero LA needs, but not the hero it deserves.


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