Here is why the Dodgers should not sign Cano!

So we’re back from hibernating. After a soul-crushing loss to St. Louis, we’ve regained our composure and are ready to rage. What brought us out of our slumber? This bullshit!

I’m sorry, but I can’t take speculative crap spewing. With every team in all of baseball apparently making moves like it’s the god damn trade deadline, the Dodgers were quiet, eerily quiet. #SOURCES say that some one knocked on Colletti’s door just to make sure he was still breathing. The Dodgers did not get in on the fray and that’s a good thing. There’s absolutely no need to make a move unless it’s needed *cough*Drew Butera*cough* Signing Robinson Cano to a ridiculous contract is unnecessary, especially if you’re the Dodgers.

Robinson Cano is great defensively and even better offensively, but he is also 31 years old. He has proven his value with the Yankees and is justified in asking for a long-term, expensive contract from a well-funded suitor. Albert Pujols was offered $240 million over 10 years. Pujols was 32 when he signed with the Angels and was also an 8 time All-Star. Cano will enter the 2014 season at 31 years old as a 5 time All-Star. Since his age-31 season in 2007, Alex Rodriguez has made over $200 million. Hell, even Adrian Gonzalez, at 31 years old, will make well over $100 million over the remainder of his contract with the Dodgers. With those examples, it’s no surprise what kind of money Cano will be asking for. Given the length of those contracts, he most likely would not want anything less than a five year deal.

In those five years, the Dodgers will have paid over $20 million a year to Kemp, Crawford, Gonzalez, and Greinke: All four players are heading into their 30s. Throw in Kershaw’s inevitable contract, plus Jansen’s future value, and you have an extremely inflated payroll full of players on their inevitable decline. Cano does not add anything but bloat to the roster and to the payroll. There is no denying his greatness. But there is no denying his decline either. We’ve seen what has happened to the likes of Pujols and Rodriguez. Yes Gonzalez has been healthy, but as he gets older, his health will become a concern eventually. Finding out if Cano can stay healthy heading into his 30s is not worth the risk.

The alternative is Alexander Guerrero, but he might not be ready for the bigs in 2014. So a better option than signing Cano is signing Omar Infante. Coming off a solid year with the Tigers where he made $8 million over two years, the Dodgers could and probably should sign him to a short-term deal. And here’s why:
Source: FanGraphsOmar Infante

Since his age-26 season, Infante’s wOBA has either been above average or hovered around average. He’s definitely not the offensive prowess of Cano, but he’s also not going to cost around $20 million a year for the next several years. He’s no Robinson Cano when it comes to defense, but he isn’t Dee Gordon at second base either. Another added bonus is that Infante can play several other positions. His primary position is second, which is where the Dodgers would need him, but he has played over 100 innings at shortstop and in the outfield. Utility indeed, and at a fraction of the cost.

So you can take your shitty article and call it a night.


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