Sloooow Off-season: Why the Dodgers Need to Extend Hanley Ramirez’s Contract

The Dodgers camp has been quiet this off-season. Of course the Dodgers have made moves, they’ve been subtle ripples instead of the large splash we’ve been waiting for. Still on the list of moves that we’d like to see are the contract that Clayton Kershaw deserves and Hanley Ramirez’s unofficial extension made official. What more could be said about the historically great Clayton Kershaw? He’ll get a contract. The fact that it hasn’t happened yet is worrisome, but I’m sure the Dodgers have TOP MENnegotiating with the ace. Though extending Kershaw is a big priority, of equal importance is extending Hanley Ramirez’s contract.

The Dodgers offense was struggling without Ramirez during the regular season. In 2013, Hanley hit .345/.402/.638, he had a wOBA of.442, and he also had a wRC+ of 191! He generated 91% more runs than the league average player! In 2013, Hanley Ramirez was worth 5.1 WAR and all of this was done in 86 games with 336 plate appearances. Even more amazing, for players with a minimum of 300 plate appearances (I know, I know. Sample size!) Hanley is second in wOBA and wRC+ in all of baseball for 2013. The only player ahead of him in those two categories, Miguel Cabrera. Good god! When Hanley was healthy, he was productive. Plain and simple. Looking at the 2013 playoffs, Hanley hit .323/.432/.613, had a wOBA of .425, and a wRC+ of 179. We had seen how limp the offense became without our beloved shortstop during the NLCS. 

If there is a player that needs to be extended as much as Kershaw, it is Hanley Ramirez. 


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