Dodgers Fall to #GAINTS in Extra Innings, 2-5

*Blows dust off the ol’ blog*

Dan Haren got the start tonight and was fantastic. The No. 4 starter was able to hold the Giants to one hit and two runs through a marvelous seven innings, earning himself a 2015 1-year contract worth $10 million, if he chooses to exercise the option. Surprisingly, the bullpen, albeit shaky, was able to shut down San Francisco long enough to get the Dodgers through another six innings. In a game where this happened:


(Courtesy of Chad Moriyama @ Dodgers Digest)

You would think the Dodgers would have capitalized and scored at least one run in extra innings.

But of course, Dodgers fans are not allowed to have nice things, like a healthy rotation or a World Series championship in twenty-six years. I was hoping that our return to this blog would have brought the Dodgers closer to clinching the NL West, but we live in a fucked up world with no god. Hyperbole much? Hell no! Did you forget that Correia exists?

Correia would enter the game in the top of the thirteenth to do his “Blow The Game in Extra Innings/BAET LA” remix. Kevin Correia allowed a single from Andrew Susac and a double from Gregor Blanco. That managed to be enough to send Dodgers fans home with playoff blue balls. Fuck you Correia, you are the worst person in the universe in all of baseball.

With the magic number still at three and with Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw pitching the next two games, respectively, the Dodgers have a legitimate chance to clinch the NL West in this series. Let us hope the baseball gods have not forsaken us.

Game time tomorrow is at 7:10.


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