Dodgers Postseason Run Ends – Dodgers 2, Cardinals 3

Pretty much, this.

So here we are again. This feels oddly familiar. I had some time to really let this underwhelming postseason run sink in. Here are a couple of thoughts:

1) Clayton Kershaw is *gasp* human.

2) I hate the Cardinals.

3) The Dodgers bullpen is lousy.

4) The Dodgers offense has poor timing.

5) I really hate the Cardinals.

There is a silver lining to getting eliminated from the postseason twice in two years. The Dodgers made the post season two years in a row. Not only did they make it two years in a row, but they also won the West two years in a row. This is a Dodgers team that can compete. Fortunately, or unfortunately if you’re Andre Ethier, the Dodgers will trim the fat this offseason and will make the moves they need to in order to move beyond the first two rounds of the playoffs (or at the very least, beyond the Cardinals.)

Despite the disappointing NLDS, this season was a blast. It wasn’t as exciting as last season (how do you top a 42-8 run?) but I enjoyed seeing the team comfortably battle for first place instead of clawing from dead last.

For those of you that follow and read this blog, I apologize for being MIA most of the season. Between moving in with the lady, starting a new job, and buckling down with school, keeping up with the team was rather difficult considering that I couldn’t even watch the games. 2015 will be a better year, I promise. Thanks for the follows on twitter, thank you for the retweets and the interactions. Both Aaron and myself enjoyed it and we look forward to the offseason!


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