Josh Beckett Announces Retirement

Josh Beckett Retirement

So long Beckett. You were pretty good when you were healthy. But to be honest, I’m not really bummed to see you go. In fact, I think this is for the best. You see, I need someone I can rely on, and well… you need someone who can take care of you. And no, no. I’m not breaking up with you, but… Nooooo, don’t cry. Look, you just need some time away. I think that will do you some good.

Josh Beckett, while with the Dodgers, posted an ERA of 3.67 and an ERA+ of 107. If we remove last year’s injury plagued season, then Beckett had a respectable 2.91 ERA and 126 ERA+. Thank you, buddy. You came up when it mattered most, and you capped off your career with your first and only no-hitter. Take it easy, boss.

While I don’t like seeing players forced into early retirement because of injuries, I feel like this is the best thing that could have happened to the Dodgers for this coming offseason. 2014 was the last year of his contract anyways, but I feel this makes the decision of Los Angeles easier. There is no need to muse over re-signing Beckett anymore. Even better, it allows the Dodgers to focus on where the pitching is a disaster; the bullpen.


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