Which NL Team Do You Root For?

In a perfect world, the Cardinals and the Giants both lose the NLCS and the Royals win the World Series by default. But god is dead and the world is not perfect, so which NL team do you wish to see win? I promise you that this is not a trick question to test your Dodgers allegiance.

You could choose the Cardinals and be totally justified. Yes, the Cardinals knocked out the Dodgers, but if the Cardinals advance, they have the best chance of beating the Royals. Dodgers fans are rooting for the other boys in blue, and so is most of America, I would like to think. Wouldn’t it be nice if most of America also hated the Cardinals for ruining the Royals run to a championship? 
Or, you could wish for Giants to win, and while you may never feel clean again, I wouldn’t question your reasoning. It is an even year and if there is anything that could fully explain the Dodgers collapse, it is that.
Or you could you could wish for both teams to play an insufferable 20-plus innings for the next few games so that they can pay the price for dabbling in devil magic.
Is it November yet? 

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