Opening Day Is Here!

According to most of the world, Spring began on March twenty-who gives a damn. For Dodger fans, Spring begins today! With Winter behind us, we can now look forward to 170-plus days of glorious baseball.

The 2014 season did not end how we would have liked, with a World Series championship. Instead, we were met with complete disappointment and then utter disgust as the San Francisco Giants claimed the title. Whatever. Despite last year’s abysmal playoff run, the 2015 season holds promise. The shiny, new Dodgers front office strengthened the pitching rotation and the middle infield while simultaneously bolstering the lineup.

Of course, all of that came at a cost. We saw the departure of beloved players: Matt Kemp, Hanley Ramirez, and fan favorite, Dee Gordon. This season, our faith will be tested. It is already on thin ice, considering 2015 will be second season that begins with 70% of fans blacked-out from televised games thanks to the Time Warner debacle. Despite the drawn out TV situation, we will still be able to listen to the soothing croon of Vin Scully on the radio: A Los Angeles version of fireside chats, given these dark times.

2015 hold promise my fellow Dodger fans. We at Piazza Parlor are excited. You should definitely be excited. Baseball is back!

Clayton Kershaw will take the mound today against a now intimidating San Diego Padres at 1:10 PM. If you are not a TWC customer, you can listen to the game on AM570.


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