Dodgers Fight Back To Beat Padres 6-3!

Um. Wow. I think our homie, Sarah Wexler, said it best.


This game was good, and then it was nerve-racking, and then it was amazing. Clayton Kershaw took the mound and was not as sharp as we are used to seeing. Because the guy is a bum and already cashed out, or is the narrative that he is a choke artist. I forget. Please keep fooling yourself that you would not want Kershaw in the middle of October. For not being in midseason form, Clayton Kershaw struck out nine while giving up six hits over six innings. He’s a bum I tell ya!

Oh yeah, Matt Kemp is still good. Kemp drove in three runs and went 2-4. I’m so glad we traded that loser. /sarcasm In all seriousness, it was great seeing Kemp producing. It’s amazing what a healthy player can do.

Speaking of what healthy players can do:
Showing that he still has pop, Adrian Gonzalez tied the game in the bottom of the 4th inning with a solo bomb that reminded me so much of this moment.

After Gonzalez’s solo home run, Kemp continued to flaunt his swagger by driving in two more runs. And for a while, it seemed that Opening Day would end on a somber note. That is until Jimmy Rollins’s bat decided to show up. Rollins pimped the crap out of this shot.

That is all the Dodgers would need to keep the Padres at bay. The relief corps called on Yimi Garcia, Joel Peralta, and Chris Hatcher to pitch a scoreless seventh, eighth, and ninth inning, respectively. Which, my goodness, it’s nice what a working bullpen can do.

By the time you read this post, it will be Opening Day + 1. Baseball is back and it feels good.


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