Dodgers Fall To Padres7-3: A Game Of Errors

It is important to remember that this is only game two of a very long season. Yet, I do not feel comforted by that thought. The truth is every loss is annoying, even more so when the game is filled with TOOTBLANS and errors.

After a short rain delay, Zack Greinke took the mound and quickly took care of Wil Myers and Derek Norris. But that useless bum, Matt Kemp, ruined all of that with a single – we’ll discuss how Kemp will be a thorn in the Dodgers side in another post. Justin Upton followed with a triple that should have been a single, which brought Kemp home. For the next six innings, Greinke was brilliant posting 6 K’s and only allowing one more hit. Of course, our dynamic baserunning duo of Kendrick and Rollins were not going to let Greinke steal the spotlight.

First Rollins:

Maybe he was trying to make up for his first error earlier in the second inning? If that’s the case, he failed miserably. Surely he would have another chance to redeem himself! If that is true, then it was definitely not going to happen in this game.

As you can see, the Dodgers had the lead at one point courtesy of a double by Puig and Gonzalez, followed by a single by Howie Kendrick. However, thanks to Rollins’s second error of the night, the Padres were able to tie it up. Later on, in the eighth inning, the Padres took the lead thanks to a less-than-sharp JP Howell.

Then this happened.

With his second home run in just as many games, Gonzalez carried the team into a tie. Unfortunately, an error by Grandal, a shakey Chris Hatcher doing his best Kevin Correia impression, and an overall sloppy ninth inning was enough to topple the Dodgers. Not even the mighty AGon could stop the DERP.

Some interesting notes: Mattinlgy was in midseason form, going to the trusty double switch. He also micromanaged the crap out of the bullpen. Despite making some questionable pitcher changes, the loss does not fall on his shoulders. Baseball happens. And with the way it is happening, we are in for a long season.


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