Adrian Gonzalez: The Dodgers’ Unsung Hero

Back in December, we were devastated when we heard that Matt Kemp was going to San Diego. News broke and so did our hearts. It was the culmination of a whirlwind Winter. Hanley Ramirez signed with Boston and Dee Gordon had been traded to Miami. Those who still had faith in Matt Kemp could not imagine a lineup without our star outfielder.

Enter the 2015 season and a new hero has emerged, Adrian Gonzalez. The funny thing is that Gonzalez has always been there. He has never been as flashy as Kemp or as brazen as Ramirez, but it is just now that we are realizing his brilliance. Gonzalez has always been a solid player. In fact, over the last eight seasons, he has posted an above average wOBA and a wRC+ over 100, with part of 2012 through this season being on the Dodgers roster.

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Season wOBA wRC+
2006 .365 126
2007 .361 123
2008 .369 131
2009 .404 156
2010 .379 142
2011 .407 155
2012 .346 116
2013 .346 124
2014 .351 128

Watching Kemp play for another team in this opening series has been difficult, especially since he is healthily hitting .385/.429/.462 (yeah yeah, small sample size). But after last night’s game, Gonzalez reminded us that there still remains a historically strong power bat in the lineup.


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