Dodgers Demolish Padres, 7-4: Adrian Gonzalez Is God

That’s really all this post should need. Gonzalez single-handedly destroyed Cashner today. In what looked like a private batting practice session, Adrian Gonzalez went 4-4 tonight. Three of his hits were for dingers, and his fourth was a RBI single, because no one likes a show-off.

Tonight’s game started with the Padres drawing first blood. Brandon McCarthy was the Dodgers starting pitcher. After striking out Wil Myers, Kemp singled and Justin Upton brought him home with a two-run homer. The game immediately had Dodger fans recalling last night’s frustrating loss. Of course, baseball is a fickle beast and in the second inning the Dodgers would get on the board after two singles, a walk, followed by a bases-loaded walk to McCarthy. Still in the second, Yasiel Puig would drive in Joc Pederson, and Jimmy Rollins would bring Puig home to take the score to 4-2.

After belting his first homer in the first inning to put the Dodgers on the board, Gonzalez felt it was necessary to plant another one int he right field pavilion. With his fourth homer in three games, Gonzalez put himself on pace to hit 216 home runs this season (April stats are fun.) Sensing that his teammates were going to do Dodger things, in the fight inning, Gonzalez crushed his third homer of the night to take the lead to 6-2.

In the sixth, the Padres managed to piece together a rally with a home run by Will Middlebrooks, a double by Yonder Alonso, and a double by Yangervis Solarte. With McCarthy finished, Paco Rodriguez and Pedro Baez were called in to end the inning. Not done being a god, Gonzalez drove in a RBI single to pad the lead to 7-4.

Baez, Howell, and Joel Peralta pitched a scoreless seventh, eighth, and ninth inning, respectively. I’m glad the Dodgers have a bullpen they can rely on, but for fucks sake, Donnie, don’t go bullpen happy. Mattingly has managed to go to the pen in all three games. While the relief corps have not pitched a ton of innings individually, over the course of a 162-game season, those innings and pitch counts do add up.

The Dodgers have taken the first series against the Padres and have won their first series of the season. Gonzalez is unbelievable and has quickly reminded Dodger fans that their were more bats beyond Kemp. The Boys in Blue get a break tomorrow and will face Arizona on Friday.


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