Dodgers Pick Up Ryan Webb And Others

Around mid-afternoon yesterday, the Dodgers front office continued its sorcery by trading Chris O’Brien and Ben Rowen to Baltimore for Ryan Webb, Brian Ward, and the 74th overall pick in this year’s draft. Who the hell is Ryan Webb and why should you care?

Webb is a right-handed relief pitcher that has posted a groundball percentage over 50% since 2009. The only season he posted a GB% under 50 was last season when it was at 48.7%. He is mostly a sinker and slider pitcher, throwing both pitchers 60% and 30% respectively. The remaining 10% of his pitches is his changeup. His sinker sits around 92 mph; while his slider and changeup sit in the mid-80s. His face is a solid 70-grade DERP.

After seeing the bullpen being put to use in the first three games of the season, it is no surprise that the front office has decided to bolster the relief corps with a veteran righty. The 40-man roster was at 39 up until today as he fills up that spot. As an added plus, he will only cost $2.75 million for the season.

Hey guys, I think those front office dudes know what they are doing.


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