Dodgers Lose To Arizona, 3-4

The Dodgers dropped the first game in the series against the Diamondbacks. After last night’s loss, Los Angeles is now 2-2 in the early season. Pack it up boys, this season is over.

I can deal with a blowout and explain it as baseball being a real prick. The games that are lost by a single run; those are the ones that feel like a kick in the nuts. When the team strings together eight hits but only scores three runs, it is a stark reminder of long of a season we have ahead of us.

This game also reminded us that Adrian Gonzalez is human. Gonzalez started his night with a single, which was followed by a walk in his next at bat. The Diamondbacks decided to not test fate and intentionally walked. How is Gonzo supposed to hit home runs if teams are going to pull that crap? Sadly, in his next two at-bats, Gonzalez grounded out.

Arizona drew first blood with a Paul Goldschmidt, three-run homer. Yasmani put the Dodgers on the board by sending a towering shot into the stands. Jimmy Rollins would later tie it a RBI double that brought home Juan Uribe and Joc Pederson.

Brett Anderson, after striking out four over six innings, was pulled. Yimi Garcia came in and pitched a scoreless seventh and eighth inning. Joel Peralta shut down the Diamondbacks in the ninth to take the game to extra innings. JP Howell started the tenth and could not get it together. Perhaps it was for the best since this was the fourth game in which the bullpen was used extensively. If the game had gone on any longer, an already tired bullpen would have been made useless for the rest of the series. Interestingly, this is the fourth game of the season and it is the fourth game in which three or more relievers have been used. It is also the third straight game in which Howell has pitched. Please don’t break your new toy, Mattingly.

The Dodgers look to even out the series later on today. Expect some notes from yours truly.


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