Dodgers 0, Diamondbacks 6: Did that just happen?

Forget everything I wrote yesterday about Kershaw getting us through this. What an atrocious game. If there was a time to collapse, I guess in April is better than in October. Clayton Kershaw allowed 13 men to reach base and gave up six runs. The last time Kershaw allowed thirteen baserunners was way back in 2008 in Colorado, all in three innings. Whatever.

Also, Puig was benched and Yasmani Grandal did not start. “I’ll take ‘Dumb Things To Do in Baseball’ for $1000, Alex.” Oh yeah, Juan Uribe did not start, which okay, #KingUribe is not on the Bleacher Report slideshow for “2015’s Hottest Bats In April.” Instead, our favorite ginger, Justin Turner got the start. But instead of being Justin Turner of 2014, he decided to be dumb and get spiked in the hand. I know, it’s a fluke accident, but come on! Of course, Juan Uribe came in and then left just as quickly with a hamstring injury. Somewhere in all of this, the Diamondbacks did things to score. Dodger fans are not allowed to enjoy baseball, apparently.

Juan Nicasio came in and closed the game out. Really, baseball is the dumbest sport ever.


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