Dodgers Lose to Giants, 3-2: Stupid

If you were to tell me that the Dodgers would see their win streak come to grinding halt against a hapless Giants roster, I would agree and say, “Yeah… because baseball is dumb.” These last two games have been absolutely absurd. Last night’s grounder-fest could be summed up easily in one tweet.

Seriously, last night was stupid. Not stupid in, “That man can’t read, he must be stupid.” No, stupid as in, “Dude, this McRib is so bad, it’s stupid.” Anderson’s BABIP last night: .474, stupid.

But this isn’t about last night’s stupid game, this is about tonight’s stupid game. Kershaw pitched six innings, giving up only three hits and two runs. He K’d nine batters and walked only one. Of course, the universe is expanding which means it is getting colder and colder, which means that there is no warmth left for Dodger fans. In an alternate universe, the Dodgers still lose tonight.

Just like one tweet was able to sum up last night’s game, one gif adequately tells the store of tonight.


After the Giants took an early 2-0 lead, Alex Guerrero continued to up his trade value by pimping the crap out of a two-run bomb.
(Courtesy of Dodgers Digest)

But like everything else in life, that was not enough to achieve success. The gods realized we could reach the carrot and decided to extend the stick even further. In a fashion that is wont to the Giants, or the Dodgers given the absurdity of their luck in San Francisco thus far, a baserunner that should have been out thanks to coach interference was allowed on base because #THIS

The Giants have claimed the series, fine. Whatever. Tomorrow the Dodgers send Mike Bolsinger to the mound to face off against Ryan Vogelsong. It’s a stupid day game that starts at 12:45 PM in stupid San Francisco. Because everyone will be at work and will be unable to watch the game the Dodgers will win.


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