Dodgers Claim First Place, Beat Padres 3-0

Zack Greinke lead the Dodgers to victory tonight. Pitching seven innings, Greinke tallied seven strikeouts, three walks, and four hits without allowing a run. Because it is fun to look at this early, after tonight’s game, Greinke’s ERA drops to 1.37. Yes it is unsustainable, which is why we should just marvel at how great he is right now. He may not win the NL Cy Young, but he definitely needs to be in the conversation.

The Dodgers took an early lead in the second inning thanks to a double by Yasmani Grandal, followed by a single by Juan Uribe. Turns out that was Uribe’s first RBI of the season, giving the Guerrero diehards something else to clamor about. Carl Crawford extended the lead with his first home run of the season. The Dodgers gave themselves some breathing room after Grandal walked to start the top of the 9th. Crawford continued to produce with a double. After a groundout by Uribe, Pederson hit a sacrifice fly to deep center field which brought Grandal home, making the score 3-0.

The real gem of the night, however, was Yimi Garcia. Check out his sequence against Derek Norris:
(Courtesy of Dodgers Digest)

First pitch: High and in, 92 mph. Second pitch: High and middle of the zone, 94 mph. Third pitch: Middle of the zone, slightly outside, 95 mph. According to Eric Stephen at True Blue LA:

Now imagine the one-two punch of Yimi Garcia and Kenley Jansen, when he returns. UNNNNGHHHH

With tonight’s win, the Dodgers stake their claim on first place and will look to pull further ahead tomorrow when they send Brandon McCarthy to the mound.


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