Game Day Preview: Dodgers @ Padres – Zack Greinke vs. Andrew Cashner

After a disappointing series in San Francisco, the Dodgers look to gain some momentum in San Diego as they square off against the Padres.

We are only 16 games into this young season, so it is hard to extrapolate any conclusion from the limited data available. With that in mind, so far, Greinke is off to a fantastic start. His FIP is at a sexy 2.75, unfortunately his xFIP is at 3.24, most likely due to his absurdly low BABIP. His stats probably won’t fluctuate too much during this series given that Petco Park is a pitcher friendly park. Of course, we learned in San Francisco that baseball doesn’t give a shit what we expect and will find a way to kill our dreams in front of us.

Starting Lineup

SS Rollins
RF Puig
1B Gonzalez
2B Kendrick
C Grandal
LF Crawford
3B Uribe
CF Pederson
P Greinke

The Dodgers return to the classic lineup. I’m going to assume that the front office let Mattingly have his way in San Francisco just to shut him up. I mean, how else do you explain most of the decision making that took place during that series. Okay, okay, I’m done talking about San Francisco. The team is on the right side of California now.

Despite having more wins than the Dodgers, the Padres are second place in the NL West thanks to also having more losses. After his poor start in Los Angeles, Andrew Cashner has been phenomenal. Again, small sample size, but if we remove his atrocious first appearance at the start of the season, his FIP sits at 1.72. Right now, it is at 4.23 while his xFIP is 3.27, so expect some improvement especially since his BABIP is expected to fall considerably as it regresses. Let us hope his improvement happens after tonight’s game.

The battle for first place will begin at 7:10 tonight. You can watch the game on Sportsnet LA. If you are not a TWC customer, you can listen on AM570.


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