Fare Thee Well, #KingUribe

It is a day in which we all knew would come, but it has come far too soon. Juan Uribe, Papi, El Rey del  Mundo, the glorious #KINGURIBE, has played his last game in Dodger blue. He was traded earlier today to the Barves. The trade makes zero sense in itself for the Dodgers, but it has recently come to light that it is a trade that our King wanted, or at least, hinted at. And the King gets what he wants. No questions asked.

This is the post I never wanted to write. It’s the post I dreaded writing. Yet, here we are. I could go on for hours about why we loved Juan Uribe so much. Instead, though, I will direct you to a post I wrote in October 2013, just before Uribe transformed from folk hero to legend with one fateful swing.

In remembrance of his time in Blue, we’ve strung together a quick tribute to our fallen King, as well as the relationship with his number one BFF. Full screen and Kleenex recommended for viewing.
Fare thee well #KingUribe. Long live #KingUribe.


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