Game One Hundred Thirty-Eight Recap: Dodgers 6, Angels 4

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Winning is nice. My god, it is so nice. The Dodgers have won their last five games and are 13-2 in their last fifteen games played. SO NICE! The Angels’ loss puts the Halos at 69-69, N-I-C-E! At 80-58, the Dodgers’ magic number for a playoff berth is 16.

Clayton Kershaw was absolutely masterful tonight. Going seven innings, he only gave up four hits while striking out eight of the Angels’ batters. If there was ever a sign of Kershaw being less than stellar, well, it’s gone. Truth be told, nothing has ever indicated that Kershaw was struggling.

04/15 31.1 3.73 2.83
05/15 34.0 3.97 2.44
06/15 41.2 2.16 2.69
07/15 33.0 0.27 0.69
08/15 45.0 1.40 1.92
09/15 16.0 1.13 1.64

Yeah, his ERA was far from sexy in April and May. But as it has been said all season, his peripherals were telling of what was actually going on: batters were far luckier earlier in the season. As we head towards the end of the 2015 season, Kershaw is now in the conversation for the NL Cy Young, because duh.

Even more impressive than our magnificent ace is the resurgent offense. The Dodgers have won their last five games and are 13-2 through their last fifteen games played. With seven hits tonight, the Dodgers were able to put six runs on the board. Between tonight and last night’s outing, the Dodgers have scored thirteen runs on twenty-three hits. Arbitrary end points be damned, that is the kind of offense Dodger fans have been hoping to see at some point in this final stretch.

Corey Seager has been nothing short of amazing. Since being called up, Seager has played six games and has gotten at least one hit in all but one game, including the two he got against Andrew Heaney tonight. His composition at the plate is spectacular and his raw ability in the infield is smoother than butter. Here’s a highlight from last night’s game in case you’re in doubt.

The future is now!

The Dodgers finish the Freeway Series tomorrow. Mat Latos will take the mound against Garrett Richards. The game, should you choose to watch Latos shit all over the mound, will be on Sportsnet LA and Fox Sports West. First pitch is at 7:05 PM.


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