Dodgers vs. Diamondbacks – Bolsinger Takes The Mound

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Yasmani Grandal returns to the lineup after being listed “day-to-day” with a shoulder injury. He will be batting in the number seven hole, between Corey Seager and Joc Pederson. Prior to the All-Star Break, Grandal had been slashing .282/.401/.526. Since then, Grandal’s triple slash line has been .194/.294/.243. After a few days of batting practice and today’s BP session, J.P. Hoornstra had this to say:


That is especially refreshing considering his slugging percentage and ISO took a nosedive soon after the All-Star Game.

Period SLG ISO
First Half of Season (Lg Avg.) .390 .137
First Half of Season (Grandal) .526 .244
Second Half of Season (Lg. Avg.) .412 .154
Second Half of Season (Grandal) .243 .049

The return of a healthy Grandal will provide a nice boost to the lineup.

Mat Latos is still out with a stiff neck and a bad case of suck. His last start was in San Diego where he pitched four innings, gave up eight hits, and four runs. Before bringing in relief, there was a delay in the game as the grounds crew had to pick up the shit Latos left behind on the mound. I doubt he is done for the season, but don’t expect him to start until the Dodgers clinch the division. As a result, Mike Bolsinger will be on the bump tonight.

Bolsinger was last seen against the Padres on September 4th when he pitched five innings, gave up two hits, and struck out six batters. So far this season, compared to Latos, Bolsinger has been a superior pitcher.

Bolsinger 94 2.97 3.13 99
Latos 111.2 4.92 3.46 100

According to cFIP, they are both average pitchers. I mean, you know that is true even if you have just casually watched baseball this season. But I am more comfortable seeing the average pitcher who is not horribly average.

There was no game recap last night because, frankly, what was there to recap. I have something in the works regarding Alex Wood and no he is not a shitty pitcher. He was terribly unlucky last night. Baseball happens, man.

Tonight’s game starts at 6:40 PM PST. You can catch it on Sportsnet LA or AM570.


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