Dodgers 6, Giants 12: Well that was fun until it wasn’t.

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at San Francisco Giants
Apr 7, 2016; San Francisco, CA, USA; Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The Dodgers streak of holding opposing teams scoreless ended at thirty-one innings. This team sucks, pack it up. The season is over.

In all seriousness, despite losing, the team has never looked better. In the last four games, the Dodgers have scored thirty-one runs and boast a +19 run differential (small sample size be damned.) The team is only four games deep into a very long season, if you are having trouble tempering your expectations, then let us use the positives of today’s game to help.

A lot of Dodgers fans are not sold on Alex Wood, understandably so. He has always been a young pitcher – still in his formative pitching years – with a lot of upside. Most of his issues have stemmed from his command. Looking at today, he appeared to be locked in until the fifth inning.


My apologies for the potato quality of the gif. What is important to note is that throughout the game, Wood’s release point was somewhat controlled. There were some moments when the release point on his two-seamer deviated about six inches further right of home plate, relative to where he had been throwing the pitch most of the game. That slight change in location led to three fastballs that sat in the middle of the zone. If he is able to develop a more consistent release point with his fastball – preferably one that is a foot-and-a-half off of home plate – then the season holds a lot of promise for Wood.

Speaking of promise, the offense rallied! Can you believe it! Down 7-4, the Dodgers got within one run of the Giants’ surge. Granted, the game still resulted in a loss (courtesy of a Pedro Baez hanging slider that Hunter Pence walloped for a grand slam) the bats remained hot in spite of that. The Dodgers smacked thirteen hits against Peavy and company. Everyone but Wood and the bench garnered, at least, one hit a piece.


The Dodgers continue their road series against the Giants tomorrow. Ross Stripling makes his MLB debut against Matt Cain. Game time tomorrow is at 7:15 PM.


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